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Hello, I'm Marly

From West Texas adventurer to social media aficionado, her journey is a testament to the power of diverse experiences. Recognized by Shout Out DFW, Marly is your go-to expert for crafting captivating content and boosting your business through calculated strategies.

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My Story

Marly grew up in west Texas and spent her time playing outside, riding bikes, and going on adventures. She played the flute and piccolo in band through highschool and even for 1 semester in college. She attended university in her home town at Abilene Christian University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2007. From there, she and her husband, Brian, moved to the Dallas metroplex and began growing their family and careers. They have 3 beautiful girls Abigail, Sophia and Hannah. 


Marly has been working as an independent consultant with Norwex since 2018. During her time with them, she has spent countless hours learning how to market and brand herself and their eco- friendly solutions through social media. She has taken dozens of courses and spent extensive time in professional development both with the company and on her own. In addition, Marly’s background includes 12+ years as an administrative manager in a small family owned medical practice where she handles marketing, human resources, patient records and more. She was also a teacher for 3 years. 


Marly’s abundant and varied background has allowed her to establish authority among her peers in regards to social media and branding. She was recognized by Shout Out DFW, an online publication, in 2023 for her leadership and dedication to her business. You can trust that she will help you develop a business ad plan that will elevate your business.  Her desire is to create calculated content that captivates your audience, and cultivates knowledge of your brand. Using this 3C format, she is confident you’ll be charmed by her work. 


Her Shout Out DFW article can be viewed here:


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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