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Current Specials


Squatch Confirmation

I provide confirmation of your Sasquatch infestation.


Preventing Squatch

We place plastic flamingos with anti squatch noises. Boy do they hate them!


Catching Sasquatchi

I provide a comprehensive plan to catch and release your pesky Sasquatch


Anti Squatch Camera

We place trail cams around your property to keep an eye on any lingering Sasquatch. An ounce of prevention is key. 


Relocating Sasquatch

I humanely catch and release your Sasquatch into a less densely populated area


Ruined Picnics

Are you tired of your forest picnics getting ruined by rogue Sasquatch? We offer a one of a kind anti-squatch camera to prevent those picnics from being ruined.

Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call Now!
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